Sunshine And Games At Queensland Casino

Sunshine And Games At Queensland Casino

Americans like to think that they have the “big country,” with national parks like Yellowstone, the magnificent Grand Canyon, and never-ending prairies. In northeastern Australia, however, the territory of Queensland comes close.

The climate is tropical in the north and the Great Barrier Reef region, one of the seven natural wonders in the world, is reputedly one of the last places left that can offer you “peace and tranquility, life, laughter, sunshine, and a truly breathtaking diversity of natural treasures and pristine environments.”

It’s true that in this part of Australia, you can experience untouched beaches, lush green rain forests, tropical islands, exciting cities like Brisbane and Cairns, and the enduring heritage of the outback.

The climate is pleasant with warm days and cool nights in summer while in the short winter you get mild sunny days. That’s probably why they call it the Sunshine State.

Queensland is Australia’s second largest state with a population of only three million. The history of the area goes back to the original Islander communities, then even further to the Dream time legends of the Aborigines.

European settlement began in 1824, mostly by convicts from New South Wales. It became a state upon federation in 1901.

Top tourist attractions include some beautiful lakes, a draw card for fishing and boating, and bush walking through mountain ranges and gorges.

Locals say you’re always welcome in Queensland.

The same goes for this online casino, Queensland Casino. There’s the same easygoing style and friendly welcome that will make you want to come back for more again and again.

The casino has spectacular casino games that will give you some of the same thrills, if you can’t get out for some bush walking right now. If you’re too busy to snorkel around the Great Barrier Reef, there’s guaranteed excitement available online.

You can play Blackjack, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud, Craps, Paigow Poker, Roulette, Video Poker and Slots. First, you need to download the casino software from the Company’s website, a very easy procedure. Then you can install the games immediately.

You can choose to play for fun with all the games (a good idea if you want to gain some practice), or play for real money by depositing funds through the software (another easy process).

All credit card transactions are completely safe and secure. An audit trail is also kept so that a complete record is always available for customers, should they require one.

Players can select single or multi-player mode. If you choose the latter, it means you can invite your friends to join in any of the games.

Anyone can join Queensland Casino simply by downloading the casino software.

If you visited Queensland, you’d clearly have a great time but you’d need to be careful if you drink and drive.

Queensland’s drink driving laws are enforced with random breath testing, and you are allowed a maximum alcohol reading of only 0.05%, too little to celebrate if you are a winner in the casino.

You can play at home in more comfort, and enjoy a drink with no need to worry about the journey back.

In case you are worried about payment, you’ll be pleased to know that this casino pays winners in 24 hours, or less, via Internet banking, a huge improvement for those who enjoy online gaming.

All new players receive sign up bonuses of up to 30%.

If you need help or assistance with the games, you will find friendly support staff to serve you 24 hours a day.

Queensland Casino’s games are fully recommended, not least because they offer players guaranteed odds and game fairness. Percentage payouts are among the best you will find anywhere.

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Swing It Your Way At

Swing It Your Way At

The British are very good at gamesmanship. It’s said of British diplomats, notably the mandarins of Whitehall, that while they are smiling at you, a noose will be tightening around your neck, and you won’t even realize it.

Some say British diplomats and their policies can cut your throat with cotton wool, and you wouldn’t even feel it.

At the same time, they empty your pockets gently with so many excuses, to cover their expenses, that you end up thinking they deserve your money.

They appear to be harmless but in reality, they are very clever at disguising their true intentions.

It’s a little bit like some casino dealers. They might look stupid but they are taking everything on board, and they miss nothing.

To counteract the guile of dealers and pit bosses, a card counter needs to employ all the ruses going.

A card counting friend whose best win at blackjack in a Las Vegas casino was $ 30,000 in a single night told me he had employed all the usual strategies and more.

I asked him to explain.

The most obvious was making out he was drunk, too stupid to care whether he won or lost.

Chatting up the dealer was another ploy although he told me it was fatal to let your guard slip for a moment; he would not let himself be enticed with a single comp or free alcohol.

Pulling a card when he had 15 and the dealer had 6 was to show he had no knowledge of basic strategy.

Pretending to be drunk and trying to count the cards at the same time requires considerable mental dexterity and ingenuity.

This man, who reckons to be in the top six counters and shuffle trackers in the world, also said he relied on a big bettor, a whale, who would start betting heavily, once the card counter gave him the signal.

As soon as the card count was positive, the high roller stepped in and laid heavy bets. If the card counter had suddenly upped his stakes fivefold, suspicions would have been aroused.

Gamesmanship in the casino happens on both sides of course. The dealers shuffle more often, with fewer cards being dealt for each shoe.

Pit bosses will sometimes send over an off-duty dealer to chat up a bettor who’s winning too much. Each side is trying their utmost to distract the other.

My card counting friend told me once, when he was winning thousands, two security guards came up and stood right behind him, guns in holsters. He wouldn’t admit to being frightened but it was not a pleasant experience.

It’s best when you can be free of the little irritations that afflict some casinos. At, you’ll find a complete selection of online casinos where the rules and the games are the fairest you can find on the Internet.

That leaves you in charge, to see if either your skills or Lady Luck will swing things your way.

Visit to view the best casinos where you can play all of these great games: Baccarat, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud and Craps, as well as Paigow Poker, Roulette, Slots, and Video Poker.

There’s also a varied menu of links to casino news, recommended sites, and online casino reviews and more. This Internet gambling site tells you where to find the best casino action, and all the sites on the recommended list are ones where you can play safely and in complete security.

When you find a casino that’s just right for you, then all you need do is download the FREE software. The games will install in a few seconds.

The games were developed for world famous Las Vegas Casino. That tells you how good they are. Millions of dollars was invested to design world-class gaming software that is unequaled by any other online casino company.

Depending on your level of gamesmanship, you can play for fun or for real money, in single or multi-player mode. (NB: New players can claim sign up bonuses of up to 30%.)

All winners receive payment for winnings in 24 hours, or less. Internet banking and the latest technology make the future happen now.

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New Flash Scratch-off Online Casino Game

A new flash based online casino game has come to the online casino and it is drawing in the biggest crowd. When you enter a convenience store what is the one thing you always consider buying at the register? Most of you probably said something along the lines of a lottery ticket or a scratch-off lottery game. Scratch-off tickets are not only fun, but, like hitting it big at the online casino, the tickets have the ability to add a smile to your face when you win a little something extra. There is no reason to wait to hit the store to play your next scratch-off game though, now you can play a flash version of the game at the online casino.

Flash Scratch-off games are a great way to add a little variety to your online casino gaming experience. Because the games are flash-based they can be played on any platform, regardless if you are using Mac, PC or even Linux. In addition, flash allows the games to look realistic and original. Each flash scratch-off online casino game offers something different to its players. Whether the game offers you an extra chance to win some money, a bonus round or different images, each game is great and offers you the variety you look for at the online casino.

With the development of flash-based online casino games, the software of the industry has seen some vast improvements. Flash games offer players a great browser-based online casino experience, and with scratch-off games you get exactly that. From the great graphics of the game to the fun background music, the online casino let’s you feel like you are actually scratching the card yourself. And the excitement of winning is just as fantastic in the virtual flash online casino world as it is in your car outside of the convenience store that sold you that winning scratch-off ticket.

Land of Silver

The country of wide-open pampas and ancient forests is Argentina, the “Land of Silver.” In the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires, tourists can find stimulating local culture, and take tango lessons in bars and clubs.

Taking a taxi to tourist attractions, however, can be a real gamble. There are false taxicabs whose aim is to rob you and steal any cash or valuables. Taxi driving is so lucrative that it can cost $20,000 to buy a license quickly on the black market.

Armed thieves, usually in collusion with the taxi driver, will quickly enter the taxi when the vehicle stops at a stoplight. This location is usually within a couple of blocks from where the victim hailed the taxi, but sometimes it can be at the victim’s destination point.

Assailants will either rob the victim immediately or more likely take the victim to the nearest cash machine for cash withdrawal. Much of this type of crime is perpetrated in the city center, especially in the banking district.

Aggravated robberies and shootings have become more frequent, especially in the suburbs of the capital and in Buenos Aires Province. Incidents of armed invasions of restaurants, shops, and residences in the more fashionable suburbs are also occurring with greater frequency. As a result, it is recommended that due caution be exercised when traveling about the city.

Luckily, you don’t need a taxi to get to the Argentinean Casino. You can travel there effortlessly just by turning on your computer and downloading the casino software. You can play some great casino games including Blackjack, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud, Craps, Paigow Poker, Roulette, Slot Machine, and Video Poker.

Play for fun players start with a “free” $500 credit.

You can choose single or multi-player mode, so you can play with friends anywhere in the world. After downloading the free software, all these games can be played instantly. You should try the games they are easily the best on the Internet.

The group that runs is part of a group of U.S. corporations, including a finance company, who have been in business for more than 140 years. No one stays in business that long without being able to offer real value and benefits for their customers. They are part of a trusted group offering the best online casino games in the world.

Take the tour of this fully licensed casino today. It includes: View the Best Casino Games, Download the free Software, Sign Up Bonus & Banking, Guaranteed Game Fairness, Best Security Features, Games Rules, How to Play, and much more.

The new Las Vegas style games are fun to play and the graphics superb. There are also sign up bonuses of up to 30% for new players.

With guaranteed odds and game fairness, friendly and expert customer support, plus winners receiving payment in an amazing 24 hours or less, player satisfaction is comprehensively assured.

And you don’t have to take a taxi home.

Argentinean Casino is also a proud member of the Casinos Association, a group of dedicated online casino sites that follow the strictest formulas for games testing to ensure complete reliability and total game fairness.

You can find these casino sites on the recommended pages of Casino Magazine, Player Magazine, Gambling Magazine, and Blackjack Magazine.

One last word of advice. If you are traveling in Argentina, and decide to connect your laptop to play some online casino games, don’t take off your shoes. If you leave them lying around, you could find a scorpion inside!

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Strike Lucky At

Gambling and gold are perennially attractive. Just as some people lust after the spoils of gold, all that this noble, enduring, precious metal represents, so there are those who get gambling fever, are irresistibly drawn to up the ante, and spend most of their lives chasing chance.

Gambling and gold have something in common. Gamblers are always, metaphorically, after gold. For those who win there’s cash, but for those who lose, it’s no more than the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The miners of ’49 who went west to California started a gold rush as men searched frantically for the yellow metal, using anything they could get their hands on to turn into cash to stake a claim. Many of them refused to listen to the old timers who told them that the gold rush was little more than a gamble. Most unearthed nothing for their pains except continual poverty and only a few came back clutching the gleaming nuggets as big as your fists.

The essence of gambling is that not everyone wins. Yet, thousands of people every day cram into casinos to try their luck, scattering money and chips with careless abandon because they’ve scented something as precious as gold dust in the air, and they want a chance at winning. Every night in Las Vegas, millions of dollars come up for grabs but only the fortunate few get to cash up in a big way, those who have struck a rich seam of luck.

If you are going to gamble, it’s wise to look for the best odds and the safest place to play. If you want to gamble online, better not to choose the equivalent of a gambling saloon out in the Wild West of the Internet, the online casinos where the odds are against you from the beginning. The kind where if you win, someone calls you a “goddam Yankee liar” and pulls a gun on you! Of course, that doesn’t really happen but the result is the same. You end up being ripped off.

If you want to play for the fairest odds, the best service, outstanding games, and prompt payment of winnings, you should choose the casinos that are run by a group of companies that have been in business for over 140 years. There is something different about this company. They actually take the time to wish you, “Good luck and have fun!” and they mean it.

They are part of a trusted group, including the world famous Las Vegas Casino, offering online casino games without equal anywhere.

One of these is Gold Casino, and while you won’t win any gold, you’ll be certain to play the most exciting games, with full and friendly support. If you win, you can collect your winnings in 24 hours, that’s the time it would take a “forty-niner” to pack his saddlebags before setting off into the unknown. It’s the place to “strike lucky” because game fairness is guaranteed. Join today, and you can also qualify for sign up bonuses of up to 30%. Players can be winners at Gold Casino.

At Gold Casino, you get all the games in one easy download. You can join simply by downloading the FREE casino software from the website. After installing the new games, players can play for real money or for fun. There’s a varied choice of classic casino games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud, Craps, Paigow Poker, Roulette, Slot Machine, and Video Poker.

You can play in single or multi-player mode, so you can play with friends anywhere in the world. After downloading the free software, all these games can be played instantly. Try the games today they are easily the best on the Internet.

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